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This is a comprehensive military dictionary compiled for intelligence and security officers operating with second echelon troops during and after the invasion of Normandy in 1944. It includes army, naval and air terminology as well as ballistics, rocketry and weapons and equipment terms. Also includes ranks including the SS as well as unit and formation terms. In all there are some 15,000 words and phrases translated in this exceptionally handy book. It is essential for everyone whether or not using German texts as well as in translating German terms often scattered about in English texts without translations. Also see our reprint of German Military Symbols and German Military Abbreviations.

German infantry weapons: a detailed look at all infantry battalion weapons, including pistols, rifles, machine guns, machine pistols and lmortars as well as infantry guns. It includes details of ammunition and packaging. Line drawings and photographs complete a first class publication on a very important topic. Includes diagrams.

This is an excellent descriptive pamphlet of german infantry tactics as observed British in 1940. It covers all minor tactical aspects and is illustrated with a number of sketch maps showing how the Germans carried out their small unit attacks. It also gives a snapshot of the organisation the German infantry battalion in 1940. This complements other MLRS reprints on the German Army. Search under "German" for other material.

This is a companion volume to our reprint of Notes on German Shells, and covers many of the fuses used in the shells of the Notes as well as some typical French and Belgian fuses. Illustrated with many line drawings. A rare book.

The second part (of two) volumes on German Explosive Ordnance (and see our earlier reprint of Volume I) covers German shells and fuses. Complete in every detail this is a reprint of the US manual issued in 1953. Every shell and fuse has a full description and there are line drawings and/or sections for almost every item mentioned in what was a large inventory. An essential reference tool for all who are interested in artillery and for EOD personnel who still come across examples of these shells and fuses. See also Volume 1.