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The RAF manual on the first Mark of Spitfire. As issued in 1940, with details of airframe, engine, armament and flying guidance (including takeoff and landing). Rare and valuable

This paper argues that Ultra intelligence available should have warned Allied commanders of the risks involved in going through with Operation Market Garden, the parachute landings planned as the "airborne carpet" for XXX Corps in the advance to the River Rhine. The author points out clearly that although intelligence was available, it was often not passed to the land force commanders, among them Montgomery, whose earlier reliance on Ultra had won him battles. This is an interesting paper which supports its argument well, and is a welcome addition to the papers already published by MLRS on this operation. It is possible that the intyelligence was actually ignored.

This is the story of Operation Market Garden, the Allied attempt to gain a bridge across the River Rhine and to advance into Germany. This publication covers all preliminary matters, including Montgomery's decision to take the risk of projecting 1 British Airborne Division 60 miles behind enemy lines, and to attempt relief by 30 Corps along a single approach route against German opposition. The volume covers the operations in detail - including 30 Corps, 82nd and 101st US Airborne Divisions and, of course, the battle in Arnhem itself. This is the first time that these two papers have been made available to the public in printed form. 296 pages (A4) softbound, with 12 maps (6 A3), 2 photographic plates and orders of battle.

Schön's report on Rifles was so important that it was printed as an appendix to Alfred Mordecai's survey of European arms and arms manufacturers. Mordecai was commissioned by the US Congress to travel throughout Europe and to report back on all countries and their weaponry. He rightly considered Schön's work to be so important that he included it in his own work. This reprint contains all the text plus the very important Plates, which have no fewer than 116 accurate line drawings of breech systems, cartridges and bullets. There is a complete treatment of the Dreyse Needle Rifle as well as other then current firearms. This is an important publication for all who are interested in firearms and their development as it is dated just at the moment when all was about to change from the old muzzle-loaded muskets to modern breech loading bolt-operated rifles.

Order of battle of the German army in August 1939, just before the invasion of Poland. Includes Army Commands, Corps and Divisions. Within Divisions goes down to battalion level and includes rear area commands. Officers commanding are included at all levels. 68 pages.