A very detailed paper on the Austro-Hungarian Army which covers every aspect of that army from composition and training to military schools and dependents welfare. So comprehensive it stands as a definitive account of the Austro-Hungarian Army and its organisation in 1915. Originally published by the Austro-Hungarian Army and translated by the US Army.

"The purpose of this discussion is to examine those operations of the recent war, from which tactical lessons pertaining to the use of tanks or the defense against tanks, can be logically deduced. I propose to present only those principles that concern the future use of tanks. All battles in which they wore used will not be presonted, but rather those engagements from which fairly definite conclusions can be drawn." 

It was deoided to strike a theatrical blow against Germany before the winter set in,in order to restore British Prestige. The Cambrai area was selected,mainly at the suggestion of the tank supporters,as the terrain here was the suitable for tank operations. This is an American analysis of this operation and is of great interest.

Tanks in the First World War from their introduction to the end of the war. This excellent book is full of detail about how and why the tanks were created, and also includes many first hand accounts of fighting in the tanks. It is perhaps the best history on the subject and is amply illustrated with contemporary photographs. This text is still used by the British Army to teach military history.

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