This fourth Hurford volume covers 1943 and relates operations in the Mediterranean (and the Casablanca Conference), Home Waters and the Arctic, blockade runners, coastal operations, the U-boat campaign and the turn of the tide in the War in the Atlantic, the clearance of North  Africa and the reopening of the Mediterranean, the conquest of Sicily, enemy use of glider bombs, the midget submarine attack on the Tirpitz, operations in the Indian Ocean, the stopping and restarting of Russian convoys and the Azores.

The number of naval operations carried out in 1944 was so high and the account of them so lengthy that this volume has been divided into two parts for ease of handling. The volume looks at Mediterranean operations, the work of coastal forces and raids in the Adriatic and the Aegean Seas, Home Command and Northern Waters and the Russian convoys, coastal forces, the U-boat campaign in the outer oceans, Japanese atrocities, the Eastern Fleet and progress in the Pacific, Mediterranean operations and the relief of Anzio, minelaying in the Danube, the naval air attack on the Tirpitz, German flying bomb attacks, the Invasion of Normandy, the liberation of France, the assault on Walcheren and the opening of Antwerp. In all this was a momentous year and this history does it full justice.

This final volume of Hurford recounts the last months of the war and starts with the crossing of the Rhine, and continues with Mediterranean operations, the U-boat campaign, the Indian Ocean and the Pacific, the end of the war with Germany, and the final days of the war with Japan.