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North West Europe Volume II: Administrative Preparations

There is a military adage which (edited) says "Poor planning produces poor performance" and this was never more true than in the preparation of the Overlord plan. That so much went either as it should, or nearly so, is a tribute to the administrative planning which went on before 6 June 1944. This narrative gives a great deal of information on the subject of the administrative preparations, but it is not a mere catalogue but a lively account of what to many people (service and civilian alike) is a totally non-subject: but it had to be done. The book looks at the reasons for the detailed administration plans, the evolution of strategy and the plans, the agencies involved, the Bolero plan, grand strategy for Overlord, COSSAC, USAAF, and the important "Mulberry" and "Gooseberry" inventions, supply by air and casevac and where the RAF fitted into the overall plan. Readers will be well rewarded for an exacting read of what is a fundamental document.

  • 9781847917096
  • Air Historical Branch
  • Air Ministry
  • 1940s
  • 2008
  • 278
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