Field Service Pocket Book 1939

FSPB 1939 contains a set of pamphlets issued from 1939 onwards covering: Glossary of Military Terms and Organization in the Field, Orders and Communications, Intelligence - Information and Security, Field Engineering, Billets, Camps and Bivouacs, Camp Cooking and Water Arrangements, Mechanized Movement by Road, Movement by Sea, Rail and Air, Protection against Gas, Supply and Replenishment of Material in the Field, Ammunition Abbreviations, Medical Services, Discipline, and Office Work and Burial Parties. Seemingly boring items, the book actually gives a picture of the ethos of army life at the time, and is instrumental in elaborating on the picture with a wealth of detail. A fundamental text.

  • 9781847913418
  • War Office
  • British Government
  • 1939-
  • 2008
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