Regiments and Mergers in the British Army 1907-2007

Goff Lumley knows a lot about the British Army and its history - especially as reflected by the cap badges proudly worn by serving soldiers. In this book he traces the army (and the TA., Yeomanry and the London Regiment and others) from 1907 to the present day and illustrates the mergers that have occurred in the last 100 years. The strength of the book is twofold: the clarity with which he presents the regiments and their changes in title, and the exceptionally well-drawn illustrations of the cap badges themselves. So readers can now follow the regiment or unit of their choice from the latter days of Empire before the First World War through to today, when the British Army is fighting at least two active campaigns with its usual 'get the job done' attitude despite manpower shortages. This book is a cornerstone in any study of the development of the British Army in the period, as well as a permanent record of the cap badges throughout the period. Highly recommended, ands already in use by training establishments.

  • 9781847912589
  • Goff Lumley
  • MLRS Books
  • 2007
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