Forest, Bush and Jungle Warfare against a modern Enemy

The title of this pamphlet suggests that the days of fighting the spear/bow and arrow natives on the Veldt and in the Jungle were over: this was very true for the British Army had come up against an enemy who used the jungle to his advantage - the Japanese. This early pamphlet shows that the realisation of the changes wrought in late 1941 were appreciated, and something was being done about it. The pamphlet covers the basics, and then advises on the special conditions relevant to each arm. It lays down procedures for attack and defence as well as the important background material relating to transport, supply and hygiene in both jungle and bush warfare. It forms a valuable introduction to this alternative style of warfare which is continued in other jungle warfare publications already reprinted by MLRS Books.

  • 9781847910783
  • CIGS
  • The War Office
  • 1942
  • 2007
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