Home Guard Battlecraft and Battle Drill

Often seen as little more than old men with out of date weapons, these four pamphlets show how close Home Guard training and thinking was to the British Army in the field. Admittedly some of the heavier weapons were crude (particularly the Smith Gun and the Northover Projector - both of which are covered), but the method of training was very similar to that of the field army. These four pamphlets cover battle craft, battle drill, patrolling and defence and are illustrated throughout with very clear line drawings and relevant photographs. The four pamphlets have never been published together before and we recommend them to anyone interested in the state of the infantry art in 1942-43 as well as in Home Guard training and thought at the time. A very good read that will clarify a number of tactical questions.

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  • Staff, British Home Forces
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  • 1942
  • 2007
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