Orders of Battle of the British Army 1939-1945

This is the well-known, comprehensive study undertaken by Col Joslin, which covers the main body of the British Army throughout the Second World War. It also includes special OrBats for El Alamein and the D-Day assault in Normandy. Its value to every student of World War Two is inestimable.The volumes will be published as one volume, containing the original two volumes as follows:Volume I:DivisionsComposition and War Establishment of DivisionsArmoured, Cavalry, Tank and Motor Machine Gun BrigadesVolume II:Infantry BrigadesParachute and Airlanding BrigadesColonial BrigadesMiscellaneous Brigades (including Special Forces)GHQ., Army Group, Army and Corps TroopsBritish Units which served under Indian Army CommandFormations and Units engaged in the Battle of El Alamein and The Assault Landings in Normandy.

  • 9781847910448
  • LtCol. H F Joslin
  • War Office (National Archives CAB Papers)
  • 2007
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