Anglo-American Techniques of Strategic Warfare in the Air

This paper is one of the US Air Historical Branch series, written by senior German Officers after the war, and is probably the only English language analysis in depth of how the Germans saw the Allied air war and its strategy. It covers all important aspects of the air war waged by the British and American Air Forces against the Germans as well as looking at the overall strategy and the Air Forces involved. It also looks at such matters as the problems of fighter escorts for the bombers, as well as the bomber operations and the targets they were attacking. The first half of the paper covers operations by the Royal Air force, the second those of the USAAF. A rare find which is recommended to all historians in that it presents a picture of this aspect of warfare not seen elsewhere.

  • 9781847910080
  • GenLt Nielsen and GenMaj Walter Grabmann
  • US Air Force
  • 1947
  • 2007
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