MG34 und MG42

This is a reprint of the important transitional manual issued by the German Army to cover the MG34 and its replacement, the MG42. In German, it covers every aspect of the gun and its operation and tactical use, and wherever there is a difference between the two guns this is clearly pointed out in the text. The book also includes mountings (motorcycle sidecar, truck, two-wheel towed cart etc) and is accompanied by a separate 8-page manual of sectioned drawings showing gun operation and stoppages (also in German). For those with no German it may be hard work, and we would recommend a copy of the MG34 pamphlet published by the British, which is also on sale through MLRS Books.

  • 9781847910042
  • German Army
  • German War Ministry
  • 1943
  • 2007
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