German Air Force Air Lift Operations

This is the complete story of air lift operations carried out by the Luftwaffe during the Second World War.

It includes the organisation, tasks, personnel and aircraft of the Luftwaffe transport arm, and a listing of the types of operation they were called upon to complete, in all the theatres of war in which German air and land forces were engaged.

Paratroop operations are included in a complete description of an essential air service in war.

Coverage of operations in the east is particularly detailed including Stalingrad, the Kuban bridgehead, Demyansk and Kholm, and theCherkassy-Korsun and Crimea operations.

In the west and the Mediterranean the detail is equally valuable.

Although a mundane sounding subject, this volume in the Air War series is actually full of valuable extra detail not present in other publications, and is well worth the price.

  • 978-1-905973-09-5
  • Maj Gen Fritz Morzik
  • US Air Force
  • 1961
  • 2006
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