The Luftwaffe in the Spanish Civil War (Condor Legion)

This is the first of a series of publications on air warfare which MLRS are publishing. It covers the events of the Spanish Civil War from the point of view of the Germans, and particularly the Luftwaffe. It includes much detail of the ground fighting as well as activity in the air.

The Condor Legion was originally formed to transport troops for the Nationalists from North Africa but soon became fully engaged as air support and as a bombing force.

This publication covers the whole war and in detail. It describes the events leading up to the German involvement, and the aircraft available, as well as the operations undertaken by the Legion.

This publication is of a unique source document, which has never been published before; it has been obtained from the US Air Force archives, and MLRS is extremely pleased to be able to offer it to our readers.

The volume is reprinted exactly as the original with the exception that the pages have been slightly reduced in size (the original is on foolscap) and renumbered because the original numbering system was extremely confusing.

  • 978-1-905696-82-6
  • Col Gen Jaenecke and others
  • US Air Force
  • 2006
  • 364
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