German air force operations in support of the army

This fascinating report is one of a series written by German officers for the US Air Force after the Second World War. It covers in some detail operations carried out by the Luftwaffe in support of the German Army on all fronts.

It starts with an examination of the history of air support in World War I, and the provisions made for expansion in the event of a subsequent conflict.

It then looks at the development of the (independent) new Luftwaffe, and its role in ground support for the army, together with an account of the weapons needed for this task.

The book then gets to the heart of the matter with accounts of the operations themselves - reconnaissance and the air defence of the ground forces in the campaigns in Poland, the West (1940), the Balkans and in Russia.

The report is unique, and we have great pleasure in presenting it to our readers as the first volume in our "Air War" series, which will cover air operations during the Second World War.

All air operations and similar will be in the Air War section of our catalogue and can be accessed from our front page.

  • 978-1-905696-81-9
  • Gen (aD) Paul Deichman
  • US Air Force
  • 1962
  • 2006
  • 252
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