Royal Engineers Battlefield Tour - the Seine to the Rhine

Royal Engineers Battlefield Tour Volume II: The Seine to the Rhine. This second volume of the Royal Engineers account of the campaign in Europe 1944-1945 covers operations from after the Seine crossing to the Rhine crossing by 30 Corps in March 1945. It also gives an account of operations in France and Flanders 1940, and then goes on to look at operations in Belgium and the advance of 30 Corps to the Neder Rijn, 1 Airborne Division at Arnhem, airfield construction in the Eindhoven area, the battle of the Rhineland between the Maas and the Rhine in February 1945, and concludes with details of the Rhine crossing. Like its companion, Volume I, the book is full of details, and includes all the original maps reproduced in colour (15 at A2 size). This volume is, like volume I, fundamental to an understanding of the overall picture of these operations, and the maps add even more to that picture. Totally recommended, and well worth the money! Originals of this volume are as scarce as copies of Volume I, but we are sure you will enjoy these accounts.

  • 978-1-905696-22-2
  • Chief Engineer, BAOR
  • BAOR
  • 2006
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