Operation Goodwood

This publication is a facsimile reprint of the issued study papers for the British Army battlefield tour of Operation GOODWOOD of 1947. Used on its own, the book presents a description of the planning of the operation, events before and during the action (from 18 to 21 July, 1944) and also includes the detailed OrBat of 8 Corps Also includes the operation instructions for 8 Corps and 11 Armoured Division. The artillery plan is given in detail together with the Air Plan and other important items. The maps are reproduced in colour on A3 sheets, and bound in the same places as the original maps. In all this is a good introduction to this important engagement, and is best used in conjunction with the MLRS edition of the National Archives papers of this operation (see Operation GOODWOOD in Military Analysis and Campaigns).

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  • 2005
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