Handbook on German Military Forces 1945

The Handbook on German Military Forces forms the basis for any study of the German Army in 1945. It has such detail on the organisation, recruitment, training, weapons, equipment and uniforms of the German Army (and the Luftwaffe) that it stands on its own as source material.

The original has been carefully scanned to produce a first class reprint. It is divided into two parts for the convenience of the reader, with Part I containing the material on organisation (including the Reich itself, OKW, OKH and all superior formations plus units down to section level), recruitment and tactics. Part II contains weapons and equipment, artillery and tanks plus uniforms (and 24 colour plates of uniforms) and there is a section on the Luftwaffe.

Readers should note that the 1943 edition of this handbook contains much more detail on the Luftwaffe than this volume. This edition will be published in August.

640 pages (2 parts), A4, softbound. Copious illustrations by photograph and line drawing.

This is THE book on the German Army! Includes SS units.

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  • US/British Military Intelligence
  • 01/08/2004
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