The 17-pounder antitank gun

British experiences against German armour had proved that both the 2-pounder and the 6-pounder antitank guns were of limited value against the Mark II and IV tanks, and of no use at all against the Panther and Tiger. The 17-pounder was a 3-inch gun mounted on a modified 25-pounder carriage, and proved to be a resounding success. It had the calibre and the muzzle velocity to deliver a penetrating shell at a range far greater than any other similar Allied weapon. Originally a towed weapon, it was soon put into self-propelled, armoured mountings as the Sherman Firefly - at last the Allies had a weapon that was reliable against the Tiger. This manual covers every detail, including ammunition, of the first of the towed guns - the Mark I, and was issued in 1943. Essential in the libraries of all tank and antitank specialists. Originals are very rare.

  • 978-1-905696-04-8
  • The War Office
  • British War Office
  • 1943
  • 2006
  • 88
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