Japanese Military Forces 1944

This is the much sought after handbook which was published after consultation between the US Army and the British War Office. It contains all that was known about the Japanese Army and Navy in late 1944, and can be considered generally authoritative. It covers in great detail the following: the Japanese Military System (includng recruitment and training), the Orders of Battle from the High Command downwards and the field replacement system. It also covers the Japanese Air Service, special forces and military police.

It then continues with a comprehensive analysis of Japanese ground tactics - both offensive and defensive, together with supply, weapons and equipment, uniforms and insignia and also contains a wealth of conventional signs and abreviations used by the Japanese. The text is more than adequately illustrated with 412 drawings and photographs, and there are also many tables.

This is a text which we recommend to all who are interested in any way in the war in the Far East, and is extremely well presented.

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