German Winter Warfare

The Germans had a cruel awakening during the winter of 1941/42. They had planned to be in Moscow sheltering in the buildings there by the time the winter began, but were unable to do so. Instead they were facing not only the growing power of Soviet forces but also the dreaded Russian winter. This manual was issued to troops in August 1942 to prepare them for their next winter in the freezing conditions on the eastern front. This is a complete translation of the German manual "Taschenbuch f?r den Winterkrieg" (Handbook of winter warfare). It is comprehensively illustrated with 92 line drawings. It covers the two mud periods of the Russian year as well as the snows of winter. I deals with the tactics of movement (by road and rail), winter bivouacs, the construction of winter positions, heating, camouflage and protection against the elemants. It also deals with casevac and weapon and equipment care and is still valid today.

  • 1-904951-50-3
  • German Staff Officers
  • German High Command/US War Dept
  • 1942
  • 2005
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