CAB 44/249 Operation GOODWOOD

Operation GOODWOOD - the official account. This publication is a reprint of the original (CAB44/249) papers on Operation GOODWOOD in July 1944 - the armoured thrust south of Caen to the Bourgebus Ridge. It contains detailed orders at Army Group, Army and Corps level, and deals with every detail needed to understand this battle. Originally produced after the war as the basis for the later Official History, this volume contains many items not included in the later official publication, and clarifies many points not dealt with anywhere else. It contains a complete description of the battle, using unit war diaries as well as command records of the battle, and the German response to the attack. The price includes reprints of the 14 original maps which accompanied the document, and all are produced at a size to allow ease of reading - most are at A3. The publication is the only source of the details of the battle from the point of view of the British and Canadian forces engaged, and is perfectly suited to research, presentations and wargaming scenarios.

  • 978-1-84791-201-5
  • British War Office
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  • 2005
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