Royal Air Force Weekly Intelligence Reports

The complete set of RAF INtelligence Reports from January 1939 to December 1945.

The reports cover air matters of course, but include many other subjects as well. The German and Japanese Air Forces get a lot of coverage, but so to do the USAAF, the Italian Air Force and others. Although not all the "intelligence" is accurate, the majority of the reports are factual, and include details of many land operations and actions at sea, together with raid details made by the RAF and other air forces. There are many articles on other aspects of the war, including enemy morale, supply, air support and many other matters.

27 volumes in all, with 14,699 pages and many hundreds of illustrations, maps and photographs. 

The complete set gives a picture of World War II which is far-reaching and of tremendous value to all who are interested in the Second World War.

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  • Royal Air Force Intelligence Branch
  • RAF Intelligence Branch
  • 1939
  • typescript/printed pamphlet
  • 1939-1945
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