Atlas zu "F?hrung und Gefecht der verbundenen Waffen"

This atlas was compiled to illustrate the doctrine in Führung und Gefecht (also published by MLRS Books). The clarity of the diagrams encapsulates the whole thesis of the text, and shows that the ‘air-land battle’ so beloved of the present day tacticians was in fact proposed and mapped by von Seeckt and the German General Staff as early as 1924! A set of 68 quality colour maps/plans are annotated (in German) to show how the tactics laid out in Führung und Gefecht would work - indeed how they did work in the Blitzkrieg style of warfare. Highly recommended, with or without the text (Our product number 1028).

  • 9781847914651
  • Maj Siebert
  • Verlag Offene Worte
  • 1929
  • Printed book
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