British Uniforms and Equipment of the First World War

The following comments are from a review of this book: "For those with an interest in the uniforms of the Great War, this book fills a long-vacant gap in the available published material. Even the keenest student will find much new material and yet more which will be unfamiliar. None of this has been available" [in one single publication] "in any title yet published. Whatever titles on uniforms - that the reader already has on his bookshelf - are effectively redundant. In over 400 pages, this title describes more than the sum total of all titles yet seen.  The author has been able to draw on an un-rivalled archive of official documents, whose collective titles form a deceptively small part of the Bibliography. Throughout, the text has extensive quotes from the official sources, which will never have been seen by even the most-versed student, or collector. In addition, the colour photographs of the artefacts are supported by numerous contemporary photographs from private collections. In several instances, the actual items being worn by a soldier, in the accompanying photograph, are also illustrated alongside and in colour. This is in addition to coverage of necessaries and personal items owned by an individual soldier.  A glance at the very extensive Bibliography, together with the comprehensive Index, are alone sufficient to place this new book as something remarkable."We need say no more except to emphasise that this book stands alone and unrivalled in the field.  

  • 9781847914576
  • John Bodsworth
  • MLRS Books
  • 2010
  • 2010
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