The Imperial Japanese Navy in World War II

A magniifying glass will be needed to read this title, but such devotion will bear abundant fruit. It covers every vessel used by the Imperial Japanese Navy during the Second World War, and each vessel has its own time line (start and end of service). It will help any student of naval warfare to establish the vessels concerned but significant work will be needed to formulate an overall picture. Nevertheless it forms the basis upon which further research can be done, and does make the research a lot simpler. One consolation to the reader is that it is subdivided into fleets, air fleets, general escort command, submarines, naval ship divisions, naval air groups and airfield units, losses of combatant and non-combatant vessels, and a series of maps shows location of ship losses. Also included a chronology of Japanese submarine losses, and some useful appendices. The hard work involved in reading the paper will be rewarded!

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  • Military History Staff, GHQ Far East Command
  • Far East Command
  • 1952
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  • 2009
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