The German Army and events leading up to World War II

MLRS has once more been extremely fortunate in getting hold of scans of the documents which make up this publication. The reports from Germany by the US Military Attaché show the development of the German Army from 1935 to the outbreak of war in 1939. The attaché reports on all manner of matters, including fortifications in East Prussia, the German Army in the Czech crisis in 1938 (together with an OrBat), training and the state of the German Army and the V Corps Exercise of 1937. By far the most important part of these reports is the section dealing with the German annexation of Czechoslovakia in 1938, and there is a wealth of previously unseen material for the reader - both professional and amateur. Of prime importance in pre-war military history.

  • 9781847914347
  • US Military Attaches, Berlin etc
  • US Government
  • 1935-1939
  • Original documents - clean
  • 2009
  • 288
  • 20
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