Summary report: British Home Guard

The Home Guard is nowadays looked at in the light of "Dad's Army," but this report shows how different reality was. Made by two US Senators who had the full co-operation of the Home Guard and the War Office, it traces the history of the Home guard from its inception through to 1941. It is singularly important because of the complete picture it gives not just of the history, but the doctrine, formation, training and operations of this defence force of desperation. It looks at command structure and the legal position of the Home Guard, and also includes some wise words from veterans of the First and Spanish Civil Wars. In all it presents a very good summary of what the Home Guard was, and its role and station in British society, and is highly recommended to both military and social historians for the period.

  • 9781847914286
  • J K Howard and H Wendell Endicott
  • Massachusetts Committee on Public Saety
  • 1942
  • Printed book - clean
  • 2009
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