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Maps: not just a tool for geographers and, in the past, tax collectors, they also serve soldiers on the ground. For the military historian they are very important in understanding the terrain over which battles are fought, and establishing the place names and features. Our collection of maps is, and always will be, incomplete, but we do cover the area fought over in Africa and in North-western Europe.


Some maps are large scale, but quite a few are 1:25,000 or 1:50,000. Some actually were in use at the time in the desert or in the liberation of Europe. Wirh the aid of these maps the positions of troops and the moves made can be followed – making understanding a battle or campaign much easier.


Check tthrough our list – there is a scan of an original map from Arnhem that came back after the battle, there are highly detailed maps of France and other areas; our scan of the El Daba map covers the whole area on which the battle of El Alamein was fought. See our map section for an overview of our present collection.