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This title consists of two original publications, both covering individual companies of the Rifle Brigade: the first is "From the beaches to the Baltic" - G Company, the second, H Company, is compiled from the company war diary. What is important about the two publications is that they are simple, day to day accounts of men in battle. Nothing more needs to be said except to emphasise their importance to all students of military history.

This manual was composed using the British War Office notes and reports on the subject; some diagrams have been updated in accordance with intelligence received. It is the vade mecum of trench warfare as seen from the Brtitsh point of view. It covers both defence and attack, but the main part is concerned with the actual construction of trenches - trenches in which the war was fought for over three years. Although the trenches were dug, reinforced and camouflaged - producing the new phenomenon of "the empty battlefield" - the reader cannot avoid the conclusion that this element of the First World War had not progressed since the days of the castle siege.

Recommended to all students of th First World War. 

This pamphlet aimed to give US officers some detailed fore-knowledge of trench systems and why they had developed. It is an important document in that it covers both the basic level - trench construction, dug-outs, wiring - but also the tactics involved in assaulting trenches, the occupation of craters, and the concept of defence in depth. Well illustrated and compiled from British notes on the subject.

A short but very informative pamphlet issued by US VII Corps. The title gives information on the organisation of artillery within divisions (Panzer, Pz Gren, Lw Field, Para, SS Pz and SS Pz Gren) in the post D-Day period, together with details of field emplacements, camouflage, signals etc. Of real value to any artillery student or wargamer. 

The Swedish 40-mm Bofors gun was adopted by the British Army as its mobile medium anti-aircraft gun and saw service all through the war and afterwards. It was a mobile quick-firing gun firing a shell capable of inflicting destructive effect on attacking aircraft. The gun became quite famous for its ubiquitous service.

This is the manual for the Mark I version of the gun and includes all details on the gun including the mounting, the carriage and the ammunition.

A rare original.