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The two maps reprinted are of Omaha Beach and cover the whole landing area and show the German obstacles laid to obstruct the landing. Dated to 12 May 1944, and classified as "BIGOT" - the highest security classification.

Royal Engineers Battlefield Tour Volume II: The Seine to the Rhine. This second volume of the Royal Engineers account of the campaign in Europe 1944-1945 covers operations from after the Seine crossing to the Rhine crossing by 30 Corps in March 1945. It also gives an account of operations in France and Flanders 1940, and then goes on to look at operations in Belgium and the advance of 30 Corps to the Neder Rijn, 1 Airborne Division at Arnhem, airfield construction in the Eindhoven area, the battle of the Rhineland between the Maas and the Rhine in February 1945, and concludes with details of the Rhine crossing. Like its companion, Volume I, the book is full of details, and includes all the original maps reproduced in colour (15 at A2 size). This volume is, like volume I, fundamental to an understanding of the overall picture of these operations, and the maps add even more to that picture. Totally recommended, and well worth the money! Originals of this volume are as scarce as copies of Volume I, but we are sure you will enjoy these accounts.

Royal Engineers Battlefield Tour Volume I: Normandy to the Seine. This first volume of two gives details of all operations by the Royal Engineers during D-Day and up to the Seine crossing at Vernon. It covers I Corps plans for the assault, operations of 6 Airborne Division, the assault by 3 British Division, bridging the Caen Canal and the River Orne, the construction of airfield in France, the capture of Le Havre and the Seine crossing at Vernon. There are many maps and photographs in the book which enhance the sheer pleasure of reading this wonderful account. As Volume II of this set, readers are strongly recommended to dig deep and get copies.

Operation VARSITY - operations of XVIII US Airborne Corps in the Rhine Crossing, March 1945. Another invaluable Battlefield Tour guide from BAOR in 1947. This volume compliments the paper on Operation PLUNDER. The paper describes the planning for and execution of Operation PLUNDER, the last large scale airborne operation in World War II, and carried out jointly by British and American airborne forces.

Operation Totalize - planning and operational phases in detail. 2 Canadian Corps operations astride the Caen-Falaise road 7-8 August 1944.