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This was one of the first attempts to list the German Army components and personnel of the Second World War.It is extremely rare, and was never completed.However what is contained in the many pages of the text is a good introduction to the organisation and battle orders of the components of the German Army and the Waffen SS, together with an extensive listing of German Generals. Tessin, which appeared much later and at a much higher price complete is nearer to perfection, but this particular publication will serve all historians as a good guide to the German Army and it covers the whole structure from top to bottom. A very good addition to any library relating to its subject.Highly recommended.

The original Keilig complete. Published as a part work in the 1950s, this was never completed. However 2 full volumes and part of the third were released, and this is a full set. A lot of detail on the German Army before and during the Second World War it is a rare find.

A compilation of five pamphlets issued during the first half of World War II by the British War Office. These pamphlets (entitled "Brief Notes") were actually quite comprehensive. The pamphlets cover the organisation, personnel, training and tactical and operational aspects of the German Army, with examples from all theatres of war (including Russia). The publication includes a translation of "Tactical handling of the German Armoured Division" and of "Tactical handling of the Lorried Infantry Regiment" - both captured German documents. Sourced from all forms of intelligence, this is one of the most valuable and authoritative sources on the doctrine of the German Army up to the end of 1942; further, much of what is written still applied in 1945.

British official short account of the campaign in Italy. This is a reprint of the pamphlet issued by the British War Office in 1945 dealing with the campaign in Italy, and gives details of all major operations up to March 1944.

This is a reprint of the original Field Engineering manual of 1911, which was updated in 1914 as Great Britain went to war in Europe. It covers all aspects of field engineering from initial shell scrapes to fully developed entrenched systems. It also includes all ancillary engineering matters concerned with defence and the construction of defensive positions. Also includes details of demolitions. A first class description of field fortifications and their creation, the book is exremely well illustrated with 64 plates of which 3 plates are in colour.