A short but informative pamphlet issued by US VII Corps. The title gives information on the organisation of artillery within divisions (Panzer, Pz Gren, Lw Field, Para, SS Pz and SS Pz Gren) in the post D-Day period, together with details of field emplacements, camouflage, signals etc. Of real value to any artillery student or wargamer. 

A complete set of the six volumes giving details of all divisions of the British Army (Regular), Territorial mounted, 1st-Line Territorial, 2nd-Line Territorial, Home Service, New Army plus The Army Council, GHQs, Armies and Corps. Complete sets are rare. Available only as a set. Each division is described with GOCs, GSO 1 and other staff, component brigades (or equivalent) and there is a short history go operations. Originally published by HMSO between 1935 and 1945, and includes appendices and amendments. Price £130.00 for the set

Operation NEPTUNE Battlefield Tour - the official account of the battle of the Seine crossing with both planning and operational phases described. Complete with A3 copies of the original maps. This operation served as a rehearsal for the later Rhine crossing operation.